“I love Nicole Michelle’s Creations” Word Game Giveaway!

Here it is folks. The giveaway I promised when I reached 300 fans.
The key to it all is "I love Nicole Michelle's Creations".
There's a few things I want from you. First, I want to see what's the biggest word you can come up with from "I love Nicole Michelle's Creations". Winner will get a special made shopping bag and coupon/money holder ($18.50 value) pictured here. Second, my hubby and I will each pick a word that we each find to be our favorites. Those two winners will receive $5.00 gift certificates to Nicole Michelle's Creations!
The terms...
  • This game will run from noon (EST) Friday, July 30 to noon (EST) Friday, August 6th.
  • The first person to post a certain word gets the credit for it. And that word can not be posted again.
  • It must be an actual word in English in the Webster's Dictionary.
  • You can only post one word per day so be sure to post wisely.
  • Refer a friend to play. Have them type "Referred by ____" and their word. If they win with the biggest word, you will also win a $5.00 gift certificate to Nicole Michelle's Creations!
  • No purchase necessary to play.
Have fun!!!!