4 Months & Going Strong

I've hit a massive 217 sales!!!
Well I had three favorite sold items this month but all for different reasons!
The first was for a little cute boy that needed a winter hat to get ready for the cold that's around the corner. His mama came to me in search of a way to help with his head full of cute curls. We all know...hats have a horrible effect on some and others...nothing. And believe you me I sympathize with this little guy. Nothing like taking off your hat and you have bed head...my main reason for giving up and buying all hooded jackets by the way. Anyway, here's his matching hat and scarf set!
The next sale was a labor of love for me...The Nicole.
I got to tackle the clutch making experience with the simple goal of having something to match my dress for the Marine Corp Ball, but my oh my what a great reception she had with all of you!
In the first 2 weeks The Nicole has already been requested 11 times! My little baby was a big hit! *Tear*
Finally, the most adventurous project to date...
The Baby Bean!
I wish I would have taken pictures of my son, my hubby and I trying to fill this thing with bean bag filling that came in a box that I could have fit in. You know...I still finding those beans all over the place!