Heartstrings and the Walk to Remember

I presented Heartstringswith the check for $512.83 from the auction on Saturday at the Walk to Remember. I stood there with friends and strangers listening to the stories that lead to the beginning of Heartstrings. I have never had to personally experience that type of lost but I still fought to hold back tears thinking of all of those who have.

All I want to say is...they are amazing. Giving such a great resource to people trying to deal with their situations and find their way after such a loss. I pray that I never need to call on them but it warms my heart to know that if I do, there is such a safe place.
The picture to the right is the memorial for the babies that were being walked for. I took my son to the table and asked him to pick out the perfect one for Lily and he choose a yellow one for her. You can actually see it right in the center. He wasn't so happy to leave it there though. I'd like to think that he wanted to walk...ok stroller...with Lily.

We began the walk and along the path they had signs with the babies names. I was so happy and sad at the same time. All of these families...all of these babies...but they aren't forgotten and although they aren't here...they are still changing lives. I feel so honored to be able to walk, read the names and think of them.
I just want to say thank you. Thank you to those who donated to the auction. Thank you to those who bid in the auction. Thank you to those who couldn't bid but held kind thoughts in you heart. Thank you to Heartstrings for being there. And thank you to The Carrolls and Jennifer Underwood for letting me walk with you and share that day.