A big 5 months!!

322 SALES!!!!

My favs for the month were...
A Dallas Cowboys rag blanket
This was a birthday present ordered by a friend to give to her hubby. She was so excited when I delivered it to her that he got his gift weeks early! Not only was I happy with this project but my hubby (a very serious Dallas fan) got down on the floor to help me with it. Claiming that if it was going to be the Cowboys then it had to be perfect LOL!
A Coupon Organizer
With a simple twist on the "Yvonne" I was able to create this very handy beauty. The mama to this creation sent me an idea with what she'd like and I ran with it! I even pulled out the scraps to my own shopping bags to make one for us to match!!!
Market Bag

My favorite print to date still! This was one of my very first projects that was to broaden my shops items. I found this beautiful M'Liss print and knew right then and there that this was going to be amazing! She went to a home in NY with an old friend that loves her as much as I did!!!