Happy Holiday Giveaway!

With the holidays approaching fast, I want to setup a cool way that we can have something to give the guys and gals overseas! For all they do for us, I want to be sure that even though they miss the holidays with their loved ones they know that they are still in all of our hearts!

Part one...Starting Thursday, November 11th at 12 PM EST and ending Wednesday, November 17th at 12 PM EST, half of my online profits on all items will go into putting together care packages to be sent over to a troop out in Afghanistan. Once this time period is over, I'll be heading out to load up some boxes with all kinds of goodies for them!
Part two...Starting today and ending Saturday, November 20th! I'll have a Holiday goody jar similar to the Trick or Treat basket! If you send me a card in the mail with well wishes for our troops for the holidays, bought or handmade...I'll send back a goody from a Holiday jar filled with gift certificates, discount codes and products while supplies last. I must have all the cards before Thanksgiving so I can be sure they make it there in time for the Holidays!
Please message me via Etsy, Facebook or the Contact form on my site for my address!