2011 Military Spouse of the Year

Normally you'll see me shouting out some great deals or very talented shops that I have found, but there is someone I'd like for you all to hear how wonderful she is on a personal note, Bianca Strzalkowski.

Since I have been here in Greensboro while my husband is on I & I duty, I have found it hard to adjust to my new (half) military life. I was able to find friends through a wonderful forum, but I was still lacking the military side. Last year, I attended a LINKS training with a close friend and met Bianca. She added me onto email groups to help spread information to military spouses. I was adopted into the RS Raleigh spouses group and offered invitations to all different events. Never once have I felt alone since...which I'm finding in this life choice is a hurtle that is unavoidable. Bianca is just one of those amazing people out there and I am proud to know her as well as the other lovely ladies of RS Raleigh.

Now you can only imagine that each of the following people below have changed others lives the way Bianca has helped mine. They all deserve a moment of your time. Please go and read a little bit about them. And if you have the chance, please vote for one of these amazing people.

The branch winners for 2011 are:

The winner will be announced on May 5th, 2011.