11 Months

I really can't believe that I'm already closing in on a year of having my shop open. This had really been an amazing journey. And to think it all started with a Janome mini sewing machine that I got as a christmas gift from my mom. For those who don't know me well, my sewing started in home ec and again in college to do small bags and pillows. I hadn't touched a machine since making an Alpha Gamma Delta pillow in 2001 after my pledge class made it through. After my 7 year hiatus, I started up again with a simple diaper bag, travel mat and shopping cart cover for my friends and their cuties. Then I figured the best way to really test myself would be to just grab a hold of a big project and push through. It was then that I started buying satin, lining, sulky thread, boning and zippers for my wedding dress.

My dress from start to finish took me four long months. Just about every night I worked on a piece here and there. There were nights that I somehow laid 10 yards across our small two bedroom apartment floor to pin down the skirt panels...but it was worth every second. I've never really been the type to think small so as crazy as you think I am you're probably right. Honestly there was a point in the middle of it all that I seriously just wanted to cut my losses and drive over to David's Bridal. For those that know me really well...this was right around the point when I had to figure out the zipper, my arch nemesis. But I did it. I finished it two days before my husband and I got married over at the Arboretum here in Greensboro. Mind you...I had a surprise towards the end that almost prevented my dress from fitting. That surprise we now call Lilli. She was worth feeling like a stuffed sausage in that dress for a few hours. LOL!

So that's how the sewing started but not my actual shop. That like many great ideas came from a lunch at Wild Buffalo Wings in High Point. It was a Military Mom event from my most loved triadmommies.com forum. As I was sitting there with Kat (owner of Knotty Girl) and Jackie (owner of Bows N More Bowtique), we got into a discussion that really lit the fire under me to do something. That night I went home, spoke with my hubby and we started it all. Just a few shopping bags later and a lot of help from Megan (owner of Ms. Rios Originals), it was started.

Ok I'm done having my little sentimental moment about the birth of my third baby, my shop. I just can't believe how much can happen in a year. And yes...I did get a little watery eyed typing this. Thank you guys so much for all the support!