What I need…

April 27, 2011 / Nicole Michelle

Black dress, night out, nude pumps, old navy, Vera Wang

I am in love with this look! Well who wouldn’t be in love with the almighty black dress. I truly and wholeheartedly believe that a girl without an amazing black dress in her closet has yet to realize that she’s missing her soulmate. The perfect little black dress is that perfect pick me up after a bad day. It’s that one thing that can make the worst night out still tolerable. You know no matter what you look amazing in it. It’s like an extension of you. Ok so maybe I’m over doing it but can you tell that I am the holder of more than just one perfect black dress. Jealous?

And the neutral pumps… Now who wouldn’t want that amazing illusion of longer legs? I’m in what my opinion is an awkward height, 5’6″. I consider it this way because I’ve always had to battle the fact that I wasn’t short enough to be that petite girl that could always wear these amazing heels or the long leggy girl who could defy the average height stereotype. Just plain ol’ 5’6″ (now actually 5’5″; I lost a half inch after each birth)… I had an amazing prom dress but had to take my shoes off for the picture with my boyfriend not to look strange. Maybe others don’t have an issue with their height compared to the opposite sex but I definitely have that mind set that the man should be taller. Like that some how makes him more capable of protecting. Don’t ask me. It doesn’t even fully make sense to me as I confront this thought.

I can tell you that these heels were like a bright sunrise on a breezy spring day peeking into your bedroom while you receive a tray for breakfast in bed. Yes they really are that magical! I have gone full mommy mode in my later twenties. It’s so easy to just throw my hair into a pony tail, favorite t shirt with distressed flare jeans and my converse allstars. Now these shoes fit my strangely long slender feet as comfortable as my converse. That’s crazy talk you think…but you have to try them yourself to believe it.

Let’s go back to the important part…the shoes. I found these Simply Vera Wang pumps in Kohl’s but that’s only half of it. They were on sale! Normally priced at $69.99, on sale for $48.99. And guess who had their 30% off coupon perk from being a Kohl’s card holder. That’s right. I bought these beautiful shoes for half price!!!