May not be popular after this one…

May 12, 2011 / Nicole Michelle
business, Etsy, handmade, owner, shop

Creeping up on my one year of my shop being open I can officially say that I feel like I’ve dealt with it all. I have met many amazing fellow shop owners. Been inspired by special requests. Torn to shreds by a negative comment. Cried my eyes out. Bled from endless accidents. Received such rave reviews I was on cloud nine. But tonight I lye awake out of frustration. I think people tend to forget some very important factors.

1. When you purchase from a small business, you will not receive factory generated perfectly duplicated products. My measurements all say approximately because that’s the exact reason. If you want exact, don’t shop handmade.

2. The value of a dollar is a dollar. Please do not expect to receive something for free all the time. When I give things away it’s out of the kindness of my heart not because I want to rope you in to steal all your money. (Insert evil laugh here)

3. If you’re upset, you do not need to speak down to me to get your way. You’ll catch a lot more flies with honey. There’s nothing worse than a total stranger tearing you down because they chose to not ask you first.

4. There’s no need to jump to the conclusion that all people are liars. Give someone more than a 24 hour period to explain themselves. Those of us with kids know that there aren’t always enough hours in the day. And for me it comes down to…rock my daughter to sleep, finish two more orders or answer all 50 something emails. (I’m ashamed to say that I have almost never done the first because I feel bad making people wait.)

5. We are human.

6. I’m not a postman, but I am responsible for the delivery? I can assure that I push myself to the very edge of this but still people don’t always care. Yet in the same breath high postage rates are bad so to add the extras…it has to be out of pocket?

7. When you make a purchase you should have done your research first. Do they come highly recommended? How’s their feedback? Are you able to find any issues? Have you read through their policies?

8. The customer is not always right. You have to be held to standards the same as the business owner.

9. It is not alright to openly bash a business. You can voice your frustrations but make sure they’re valid first. Bad word of mouth spreads like wild fire and you could be hurting more than just that one person.

10. Finally, know that the business owner is putting themselves out there totally vulnerable by even starting it all. A buyer is not the only one with something at stake. When something goes wrong our families, partners and friends all feel it too.

Maybe this is just a rant but its my thoughts… I like to treat everyone I come into contact with the level of respect and dignity that I’d hope they’d have…that they’d give to me. Maybe I’m naive, but I’d rather that than be a cynic.