Lilli’s One Year (Rave for green mum and Twenty Five Design)

Once again I am so thankful for the beautiful pictures of my little girl! It really has been an amazing venture with Jody Gall Photography. I believe we were one of her first Grow With Me planners! Once I get over to my mother in laws I'll share the beautiful storyboard that Jody put together. It was worth every penny for her talent and I'm so happy to walk away with not only a great business relationship but a friend too!

My little princess received her Mommy's Little Cupcake shirt from green mum via an auction over at Simplicity At Its Best! It was hand painted on the cutest eco-friendly shirt and for an amazing price. Amy is so very talented. I also received a little DANCE tote and a beautiful canvas tote with a painting of fruits and vegetables with Shop Locally across the bottom. I have been so lucky to meet her through

Psst...this was also Lilli's outfit for her actual birthday. The shirt and painting held up beautifully through the wash to get out chocolate icing!


Here's tons more love to Tori at Twenty Five Design! I have received many of her lovely items from headbands, statement rings, hair pins, shoe clips and a necklace. And those were all just presents for myself :). Once she opened up her big cartel shop I ordered this and one other custom made headband for Lilli. It was just utter perfection! Great customer service! Great quality products!

Thank you everyone! I love shopping handmade!!!