It’s been a while…

I know that it's been a while since I have last blogged but the chaos has thrown a monkey wrench into that.  Here's the updates =)

We are no longer in North Carolina.  In May, the kids and I left to visit family in Louisiana while the hubs finished up everything at the reserve center.  He was able to come join us about a month and a half later.  Just in time for his birthday!!!

Aiden making Daddy a brownie bottom cheesecake!
We left Louisiana shortly after and started our 3 day drive to California.  I thank goodness that these two kiddies are decent travelers because that would have been the absolute worst!
As you can see we were packed to the brim in the Explorer!
We had made 2 stops in Texas and then from El Paso on we went all the way through!  P.S. If in Phoenix, do not follow your GPS directions for all the Dunkin will be in for a rude awakening.  LOL!

After about a month more while staying with my in laws we finally got housing!  It has been a long long road for the kids and I.  From May 5th all the way to July 25th...but now that we are settled in again we really couldn't feel more at home.  It really doesn't matter where as long as we have each other.