DIY Fashionable Burp Cloths

Fashionable Burp Cloths
I just had to make a few more of these burp clothes for Baby Isabel.  They were amazing with Lilli.  Compared to the store burp clothes they seem to be so much more absorbent.  When I couldn't find a bib or needed an easy clean up they never let me down!  I listed the easy to make and they really are so very useful!
Items needed
 Cloth diaper
Strip of fabric
I also included Lilli's One Year blanket.  It's not fully complete but after cutting and sewing all of those squares together I just had to share.  It's so amazing how when you make these every square reminds you of one of those cute little baby moments.  Oh and if you're wondering...the centerpiece is the shirt that I wore when we headed into the hospital.