♥ 36 Weeks ♥

We're almost there!!!  This feels so different than my pregnancies with my two March babies.  It's like I blink and we are a week closer to her arrival!  I guess when you are involved so much in Halloween, Thanksgiving, preparing for Christmas and New Year's you really never realize that the time is flying by.
We already have a good portion of our stuff all set.  Now we are going around...well I should say that my husband is going around with his "honey do" list.  I'm definitely at a slower pace now than I was so it's mostly me trying to not do too much and throw myself into an early labor.
The kiddies and I have had the chance to play around with some cute ideas too!
Fabric Scrap Garland
Ornaments with pom poms & glitter
Ornaments with old Mardi Gras beads