Nikki Glace Photography

I had first heard of Nikki Glace through one of the USMC wives Facebook pages and was thrilled after seeing her work.  We immediately booked her to photograph Isabel after her arrival.  When the day came, she took her time with us and truly made it a great experience.  All the while asking if there were any certain shots in particular we wanted.  She did her best with attempting a siblings picture but Aiden and Lilli...well I don't think they were quite ready for Isabel yet.  It took a good while that day and not once did she look at a clock.  I couldn't have possibly been happier.  Well that was until the next morning I saw the sneak peek on her blog.

A little while later, Nikki dropped off our CD.  The pictures were beautiful.  There isn't really too much else that I could say.  She gave us a great memory to hold onto of our 3rd little one.  And I thank Nikki Glace Photography for that.

Currently, Nikki Glace Photography is still in 29 Palms, CA but will soon be on her way to San Diego!  Please be sure to show her some love!