Here goes nothing…

For the last year or so I've been wanting to try to be a better blogger. I have used the excuse of the move to California, potty training, pregnancy, friend's wedding, hubby's hours and craft projects to not. The reality of it all I have been some what intimidated by the process. I mean beyond my close friends and family who would want to hear what I have to ramble about? And once I do write and have readers...will they even like what I have to say enough to keep coming back? I guess there's only one way to find out!

Here's what I have to give...

In a past life, I was a retail associate, babysitter, waitress (for TGIFridays...yes I had flair and no you cannot ask me about it lol) and a network operations coordinator for a PPO network. Now I am a stay at home mom. Not "JUST a stay at home mom"... I hate that saying. Staying at home to raise your children is one of the hardest tasks anyone can do. You become a nanny, a maid, a butler, a driver, an assistant, a nurse, a referee, a judge, a warden, a coach, a chef, a janitor, a repairman and many many others.

I am the wife of a Marine but there's something that we should get out of the way first. This is my second marriage. I consider my first the most expensive and painful growing pain in my life. It was definitely not my greatest moment. A divorce shatters you and makes you reevaluate everything in your life. After he and I separated, I looked elsewhere for my happily ever after. Don't mistake my vagueness regarding the details as being laid back regarding the topic of marriage. I just choose to not openly relive it. What took place was definitely not something a woman should live in or even contemplate bringing children into. My marriage now is amazing! It felt like my second chance at love and still does now five years after meeting Adrian. We met playing World of Warcraft. Say what you will. It started with chatting online and matured to talking on the phone. He was in California and I was in New Jersey so this was all we could do to get to know one another. There was no romance or flirting at first. We were strictly friends. After about 4 months I took a huge leap of faith. I finished filing for my divorce after abiding by the timelines and bought a ticket to meet him. Adrian had offered me so much strength in a listening ear, kind words and even helped restore my faith. I flew out to San Diego and fell in love.

I am a mom of 3 under 5. My son, Aiden, was born in Louisiana. I was living with my mom at the time. Adrian and I were nervous of a possible deployment, relocation mess and the finalization of my divorce so it just made the most sense. After he was born, I once again tried to reevaluate everything but the day I received notice of the divorce decree everything seemed to just fall back in place. Needless to say...the outcome of it all was Aiden and I moved to Greensboro, NC (Adrian's new duty station). We were engaged within two months and married in August of 2009. Two days before our wedding we found out that I was pregnant again. Lilli was born the following March. Most recently we were blessed with another baby girl, Isabel. Our family of five is simply more than anything I could have ever imagined.

I really should go back and also add this to help understand... I have moved A LOT in my life. From babyhood 🙂 till pre-Adrian I must have moved a dozen times. But surprisingly enough I attended one school district from halfway through kindergarten to high school graduation. Since my entry to military life I have moved 5 times AND in the process of #6. Honestly I do not totally mind it but it's not because I'm completely nuts. I do it for the man I have pledged to devote myself to.

Finally, I completed high school and went to college for a year. In that year, I struggled to find myself. It was a tough one. While pledging Alpha Gamma Delta and maintaining my courses, my parents began going through a messy divorce. I never went back after pledge graduation. Since I have taken college courses here and there. I have all intent on finishing what I started in the fall of 1999. For the meantime I chose to explore my passion for sewing.

My shop began really in home ec. First thing I made was a simple tote bag. That is kinda funny to me now since bags are totally my thing. I dabbled in college by making an Alpha Gam pillow. But it didn't get serious until December 2008 when my mom bought me a Janome Mini. In 3 months I burned that little machine out with all the little projects I did for my family and friends. After it's death, I decided to go big because I was not going home! I bought a new machine and a dress form. It took 3 1/2 months but I did it. I made my own wedding dress. Knowing that that was the hardest thing I'd ever do it seemed like starting to share my creations with the world was the only step next to do. May 21, 2010 was the day I began it all.

If you have taken the time to read through this whole thing, I want to say thank you! It really means a lot! I'm hoping to have this be the start of a great blogging relationship with you! I only have one guarantee beyond the background I've shared... This will never be perfect but if I am able to really share me you will at least have a good giggle every now and then along side of rambling. 🙂

Many thanks!
Nicole Michelle