Big… Huge… Ginormous!

This is seriously a big deal for me. Come May 21st I will be celebrating 2 years of my shop being open. I do still have my first dollar made. Haven't framed it yet but I'm still trying to think of a crafty and inspiring way to display it. Whoa totally went off track and I didn't even get into the topic yet! Call that a *insert category here* moment lol!

I'm trying to plan something celebration. And of course what's happening? Total creative block! As it comes closer and we are still mid move I'm sure to come up with something. Especially since without my stuff all I have is my noggin.

Thoughts on a place to start though?

Option A: Games throughout the week like we had done for Christmas. Mystery prizes chosen by number by each game winner.

Option B: Blog giveaway & shop sale

Option C: Random wall sales, coupons and freebies

I cannot possibly choose! My brain is lost in what decor I want in my new spiffy office in the new house.