DIY Handprint Flowers

It's been a little while since I was able to sit down and do a crafty time with the kidlets, but if you don't make time, before you know it they are going to be too old to want to! Aiden absolutely loves doing these paintings. He's at the point now that he wants to draw, paint or create. It's a very welcome change from the destroyer of all things phase.

Anyhoo... Here's another one of the handprint pictures. I saw something similar on pinterest but not this exactly. It'd make a great mother's day gift!! This one was actually done for my mom. The kiddies call her "mom" or "mom mom".

It's such a thoughtful and cheap gift too. Between the 11"x14" canvas (2 for $5.99 with 40% off from Hobby Lobby), paint brushes for $1.97, finger paint for $3.99 and the stickers clearanced at $ have a perfect gift and a great time nuturing your child's creative side for under $10! And if you decide to make the second one too that breaks down the cost to $6 each!!!

Happy crafting and remember the mess can be cleaned but the moment never changed 🙂