From none to 1 to 2 to 3!

From none to 1 to 2 to 3!

Going none to 1... It's funny. I cannot really remember single me. Going from doing what I please at any given moment to having someone that depends on me to be set and stable. Well let's just say whoa! That adjustment was MASSIVE.

I already had a sedan so no need to switch from a coupe. But holy baby stuff!!! You need a crib, changing station, clothes for every size of the first year, a car seat, a stroller, carrier, diapers & wipes, a swing, a bouncer, a jumping toy, a walker, a riding toy...I could go on and on and on and on. It's never ending.

Going from 1 to 2... Surprisingly this change was somewhat effortless compared to the prior. It's almost a  rinse and repeat. Ok well nothing is that easy with kids but it wasn't too bad! The initial part of the kiddie juggle just takes a little time, but it's still...2 arms & 2 kids.  It just works lol.

In this phase, we got a sit and stand stroller. Switched our son into a big boy bed (toddler bed) 6 months prior to her birth so we were able re-use everything we already had. Add clothes, diapers and some new gender oriented items...voila!

Going 2 to 3... Wow. That's about all I can say to start. I asked a friend who has a larger family what her hardest adjustment was...2 to 3. Oh man was she right!

Having 3 under 5 makes doing anything outside the house a two person job. I have realized that in perfect conditions of helpful young boy, happy toddler and sleeping carrier baby you can handle a grocery shopping trip. Otherwise...find a sitter, a friend, your mate, anything to help keep your cool. Know that you will fight people over the two seater cart. You will find that the frequency of trips or amount of groceries increase exponentially. And a 45 minute trip turns into a 2 1/2 hour trip unless you're lucky enough to have a grocery store that will shop for you.

Another issue? One potty trained and two in diapers. Ready to drop everything no matter where you are in line? Then it's yet another moment that you feel like you are herding cattle while knocking people out of the way because your oldest yells "I feel the pee coming!". When you finally get to the bathroom it's as though you've regained peace in your world well at least till a diaper stench surrounds you.

Then the crying symphony. It does not matter who starts it. It does not matter who seconds. It's inevitable. They will all go full force. Then they want you to all hold them. They all want "up mommy". Outnumbered is the easy way to state it.

Now for this go round, we had actually already moved up to an SUV before I got pregnant with number 3 but now?  We've outgrown it. The back seat is filled with 3 car seats...a booster, a car seat and a baby carrier. Our trunk holds a double stroller, a massive diaper bag, a change of clothes for each child and myself as well as everything you need for any emergency.

That's my life now. 0 to 3 in 5.

I guess I have just been thinking about all of this more lately after traveling in a car, moving and buying a new home with these 3. And trust me...I'm no expert. I certainly don't claim to be. I absolutely love my family. And yes I understand that having them this close is not easy now but will get better. And yes I may have been temporarily out of my mind thinking 3 children would be a piece of cake. But I sure do love my family in all it's chaotic, crazy, joyous moments. I wouldn't trade any of it for the world!