Finding my style

Buying a house definitely brought me as a stylist and artist to a new challenge. It's such a big space to deal with...and still empty! You would think that I'd simply be able to walk in and decide colors, prints and get down to it. But that's not the case at all! I feel overwhelmed with ideas and to top that...I'm at a point in my creative life that I'm maturing into something new.

Here's the best advice I could give if you're in the same situation as me. Now I'm no expert and sure don't claim to be but I like to think that my OCD gives me a leg up lol!

1. Google style quizzes, take them all and write down the findings. I had received a handful of results at this phase. It varied from eclectic, romantic, vintage, cozy comfortable and even contemporary. PS I even had the hubs take a couple. I really want to mesh our styles together. Surprisingly, he had the same result no matter what...mid-century modern.

2. Watch HGTV. Pick up home design magazines. Mark down what's visually pleasing. For me, I fell in love with a tufted armchair in a linen fabric with a nail head design. I will pull together whatever I need to to make it work in my design so I have an amazing reading chair to curl up on in my bedroom.

3. Find the perfect finds. Get on pinterest. Search shops and etsy. Go to stores and snap pictures.

4. Sit down with your thoughts. At this point I tried my best to collage together each room in my head. That didn't work 100% for me because I'm totally a visual person. I created a pinterest board called "final cut" and "household items". That helped narrow the chaos for a little while but then I transferred everything to a cork board. I have it placed in the layout of the actual house to try to feel how the colors would flow.

It's not perfect but it works. Well it did for me. Hope it helps!!!

Much love,
Nicole Michelle