Weight Loss: First comes honesty

For the last decade I have lived in a bigger body than I really enjoy to.  Through the start and fall of my first marriage to meeting my husband to having 3 beautiful kidlets...food has always stayed by my side.  I wouldn't trade the experiences of the last decade for anything.  I just want the old me.  The me that wasn't dreading walking into a store to find something that would just fit.  I want to see the me that went into the store to simply buy something else to show me off.  You know...that feel good purchase!  Instead my feel goods have been Wawa's sandwiches, McD's fries, Starbucks' lattes, Wendy's spicy chicken and PIZZA.  Lots and lots of PIZZA!  But I'm ready to move on.  This love affair has not been as kind to me...more of a one meal stand and lots of regret.

Here's me at my worst (6 years ago and + 39 lbs), in between and at my best (13 years ago and - 62 lbs).

So here's the serious part now.  I want to take back my body.  I want to wear that dress one more time.  I'm putting this out there because I need to be able to hold myself accountable.  I need to have a venting post as well as a cheering squad.  My road to that dress starts here and now.

Picture snapped.  Measured and Weighed.

39 pounds down.  62 pounds to go.