Becoming Homeowners (Crosby Real Estate)

We did it!  With lots and lots of help from Donna Crosby, Crosby Real Estate Group though.

Never in a million years would I have imagined that buying a home across the nation to be easy.  I mean seriously...I have issues buying a pair of shoes without being able to try them on so how in the world would I manage to buy one of life's biggest investments in North Carolina from California???  Well it actually was easy.

I found Donna Crosby while posting on a Facebook page for USMC wives in the Camp Lejeune area.  It was a general question I put out there...Anyone know a good realtor?  I was bombarded with responses but one stuck out to my husband and I.  It was a woman saying how Donna had helped this woman's family from out of state completely find and buy a home.  If she was able to do it before, she could easily do it again were my thoughts but to be sure we contacted about 5 of the different people suggested too.  Donna was the only one that actually got back to us right away.  I asked questions and boom! responses were in my inbox.  Then bam! house listings sent the next day.  It was amazing!  Nothing but the greatest sense that we weren't just another client to someone.  She made it feel like it should.  It was all about us and our family finding the perfect home.  That's right.  Home.  Not house.  But trust me...our house purchasing experience wasn't without its bumps in the road, but we had someone who no matter what kept our best interest in it all!

Thank you Donna!