Weight Loss Week 1

The first week went by...  Down 2 pounds & 4 3/4 inches.

Last week when I first blogged about all of this I have to also say...I bought a bikini.  I plan on wearing it next year.  Even did the whole "Before" picture thing...  Don't worry!  Not posting those!  I don't want to scare people or give small children nightmares!

I've been trading in my soda for water.  It hasn't been all that bad really.  We have the dispenser on our refrigerator here and I only really like cold cold ice water so that's worked.  I haven't felt a difference like most people would because I was only drinking caffeine free to start.  Still breast feeding Izzy so I always need to watch that!

We did have goodies at our housewarming party but I can say that I didn't overly indulge.  I've cut back on the Dunkin Donuts & Starbucks trips.  Cut back on the candy.  I have been still snacking on cookies but I imagine over the next few weeks I can find something to help tone down my sweet tooth.

I have still been super duper active but it's more sporadic activity than anything else.  We pulled apart every last moving box.  Organized the garage.  Painted in the kids' rooms.  I can however say that I have started trying to get in some kind of exercise before bed even if it's just sit ups and push ups (hey...the 10 I can do count for something!).

Goals:  Trying to not get down and out about it.  I know that trying to change my lifestyle isn't going to be easy. Never expected it to be.  I just want to be healthy.  It's been 5 years since the peak of my weight hit and 3 years since I quit smoking.  I just need to keep progressing.

BIG DEAL:  Kids are off the sippy cups.  They are also not drinking as much sugary juice.  They are ASKING! for water now.  This is so huge for us.  Words can't explain it.  I want to make a personal change but I also want my kids to not struggle like I always have with my weight.  If I give them the tools now by the time they're adults they won't have to do all of this!

Needs:  I need some kind of structure I think.  I need something that I can make a habit.  If I can get my OCD to adopt it then I'll easily overcome all of this.