Feelin Stripey DIY: Painting Stripes

Not sure why I felt the need for this...I think it probably had to do with years of renting and not being able to paint at all!

Overall this wasn't as hard of a project as I originally expected it to be.  I went through and measured a test section to decide on how big I wanted my stripes.  I had decided on 12" to have the bigger stripe look.  After that I measured from the top down.

  1. 12" down & mark all the way to the floor.
  2. Continue this way of measuring every 2 feet across
  3. Use a level to connect your marks
  4. Tape accordingly.  If you look at my picture, the first tape I put down was the little pieces for where I wanted the blue to go.  Then if it's on the bottom of a "blue" stripe, tape under your marks.  If it's above your "blue" stripe, tape above the marks.
  5. Be sure to tape the ceiling, side walls and all molding.
  6. MOST IMPORTANT!  I bought the more expensive tape.  I did it for a reason.  I hate seeping!!  Not only did I use the more expensive tape with leak lock but I ran a credit card over the tape to push out all the bubbles.
  7. Now...paint.
  8. Wait a little while.  If needed, apply a second coat.
  9. SLOWLY remove the tape.  I was super careful and only had a few spots where the old paint came off so take your time!
  10. Enjoy the finished product!