Week 2: Weight loss

Same weight but down 6 inches!  Just goes to show you that your scale isn't necessarily your friend even when you're trying to get healthy.  
Now I haven't been the greatest regarding my foods that I'm eating BUT I haven't been the worst either!  For me it's a slow process.  I need it to be.  I've never been a cold turkey quitter and I want to make this a life change not just a number change.  They come and go.
Goals:  To work more on cooking regularly.  I've found so many awesome healthier recipes but I keep "not having time".  Well I need to make time.  This is my health and my family's health at stake here.  If I instill this in my children now, I hope and pray that they won't battle weight like I always have.  
BIG DEAL:  I finally opened my kettle bell weight set box.  I bought this about a 1 1/2 years ago and there it sat.  It sat while I complained about my chubby arms.  Well no more!  I have put them out in the open and have been adding arm exercises to my daily routine.  That's right...daily routine!  Still doing crunches, butt lifts and push ups everyday!
Needs:  To conquer the dreaded sweet/salty tooth!