Week 3: Weight Loss

I'm starting to feel like the title "weight loss" is jinxing me.  I have yet to move in my actual weight but I am seeing a different in inches.  For this week, I'm down another 3.5".  That makes for a grand total of 8.75" in 3 weeks!

I found this picture the other day while trying to decorate the house.  It's the closest picture I have to me at my worst.  Granted...I was 5 months pregnant but you wouldn't be able to tell.  The tent they called a dress covered everything very well.  I think wearing what felt like 20 pounds of fabric was the line in the sand with me.  Seriously, how did I let it get that bad?  How was I so unaware?

ANYWAY!  Those days are gone and now to my here and now push.

GOALS:  Need to kick up the cardio.  I think my body has been in a skinnying but not so healthy state for a while so time to really get moving.

BIG DEAL:  I have forced the hubby to get down on the floor and do them with me.  I'm a firm believer that if we are both in this for the long term weight loss/healthy living goal than it'll be easier doing it all together.

NEEDS:   This last week has been slow and steady.  I'm continuing everything that I've been doing with exercises.  I've added a few just to keep being able to change things up.  Boredom is my worst enemy for sure.