DIY: Styling Up a Bookcase

DIY: Styling Up a Bookcase
I am in love with this style bookcase!  I cannot say that enough.  BUT to me in my OCD neat freakness, there's a flaw.  The open back.  Open backs mean visible cords.  Visible cords mean messy looking.  Can't stand messy looking!  I know I do go a little over board.  And strangely enough when I'm in other people's houses half of the stuff that bothers me doesn't.  It's weird.  I'm weird.  But it's ok because I own it :).  ANYWAY!
Here's the how to...
Measure out the back openings allowing for the space plus 1/2" on each side and top & bottom.
Cut poster board to your measurements & fabric adding 2" all around.
Mod podge glue it to the poster board
Straighten out all of the wrinkles when placing it down
Flip to the back & wrap/glue the fabric down
Nail the pieces to the back