Week 4: Weight Loss

Week 4 is here!  Down a total of 10.75".  No weight loss but hey...that's no so bad.  I have to keep telling myself.  The pre-pregnancy smaller size pants in the closet fit so stop looking at the scale and being an idiot.

This is a big week.  My body is not going to like it that's for sure.  This is the end of the "warm up".  Now I need to step it up.  There's no more excuses that I'm out of shape or I can't just jump into something.  It's now or never.  I want this.  I want it bad.

To help my new cause I dusted off the sneakers I bought while still over in Cali.  I have flat feet so my feet, heels and shins HATE me when I try to get serious.  This just seriously couldn't continue.  After posting on Facebook to my friends for advice, they let me in on the fact that there are shoes that aren't threw the roof expensive that could help me!  I don't know if I didn't know that because I chose to be ignorant or what but you have no idea how much nicer it is with these sneakers.  That's right...sneakers.  Not tennis shoes.  Sneakers.  Hehe.

Goals:  Starting either XBox Kinect (to beat the heat) or get moving outside!  AND push my little routine to a higher level!

BIG DEAL:  We've stopped with the processed foods overwhelming our cabinets.  Both fresh food drawers in the refrigerator are stocked to the brim!

Needs:  Motivation!  I think it's time to bring on the guilt and print my skinny self pictures to hang every where.  I think I'm going to need her encouragement!