A Mexican kind of weekend (Recipes included)

Recently, I had been seeing a lot of recipes for different types of food with Mexican seasoning.  Needless to say that my stomach rumblings got the best of me.  I sat down Thursday night and tried to come up with one meal and wouldn't you know it...I came up with three.


I'd have to say that this was probably my second place although it's not by much!
We couldn't find the egg roll wrappers at the store either so won ton wrappers it was!
My only recommendation (coming from someone who's not an avocado fan) would be to make the avocado ranch ahead of time and refrigerate.  The avocado came through a lot less that way.
And the third place winner is...
This was delicious but it lacked something.  Maybe it was the difference of using ground beef instead of chicken, but I don't necessarily think so.  It was more of a oozey creamy kind of missing.  It was quickly resolved by dipping in sour cream but if you want the oozey creaminess of the recipe's photo I suggest being heavy handed on the cheese and taking their suggestion of the sour cream added inside.