DIY Baby-on-the-go Bags!

Now that we're a family of 5 I find that I am horrible at being prepared while out of the house.  You would think that is a simple enough task, but I always seem to forget something.  And it's always one of the important things like...Izzy's diapers, my license, change of clothes for Aiden or Lilli, my mind.  Well that last one seems to almost never have itself together!  Haha!

Here's my new practice.  I quickly put together 2 drawstring bags that are about 7"x5".  I'm going to leave this directly by my purse.  If it's all in one area, less chance to lose it!

This is what works best for us.
2 Diapers
Bag of Wipes
Bib or burp cloth
I'm thinking about picking up the disposable changing pads to throw in them too.  But here is it.  Just something that us moms don't always think about but hey...better to spend a few minutes of down time instead of investing in the 5 minutes of crazy before trying to leave the house!