A day in my shoes… (Cute picture heavy)

A day in my shoes...
Wake up to let Adrian know where something is before he forgets it on his way out.
Walk out of my bedroom between 6 - 6:30 AM
First cup of coffee.
How can you be mad at that little face?  You can't.  Don't even bother to try.
6:45 AM Pick up Isabel.  Change her.  Sit down to breastfeed while watching Grey's Anatomy.
Put Izzy down to play in her standing toy.
7:30 AM Finish first cup of coffee.  Grab breakfast which is usually a meal replacement bar.  
Crochet a little while finishing Grey's Anatomy episode.
Switch Izzy to the floor for tummy time.
Finish putting together the coupons and grocery list for the week.
8:30 AM Make rice cereal with peaches, the current food on the allergy clearing list.
Let the food settle.
9:00 AM...  FIRST NAP!
Second cup of coffee.
Take the time to check email accounts, facebook for personal & business page, twitter, bloglovin, big cartel shop & etsy shop.
9:30 AM Lilli's awake!  Fix her hair.  Get her juice, vitamin & yogurt.
9:45 AM Aiden's awake!  Get juice, vitamin & cereal.
Have both brush their teeth.
10:15 AM Time for checking school portal.  Check the discussion boards for class.
Read the chapter for next week.
11:00 AM Work on the next DIY on the list.  Emergency book.
11:30 AM Izzy's awake from her nap.  Change her.  Sit down to breastfeed.
Place her down for tummy time & make lunch.
12:15 PM Get Aiden & Lilli ready for a dental appointment
Switch Isabel to a new toy.
Check out orders.  Get the fabric out with all materials.  Start to prep by cutting and fusing.
1:00 PM Daddy leaves with Aiden & Lilli.  I get...Cranky baby!
Snuggle the little one.  SECOND NAP!
Pin down what needs to be sewn.
Update blog with new DIY and make sure all replies are sent.
2:15 PM Mommy time!!!
2:45 PM Put out all the ingredients for dinner.  Prep foods.
3:00 PM Babies home and ready for snack!
While they eat, clean the living room & kitchen sink.  Sweep the floors.
4:30 PM Isabel wakes up.
Time for her dinner of rice, peas & peaches.
6:00 PM Finish making the rest of the family's dinner.  Sit down.
Clear off the table.
Check outside.  Beautiful skies but storm rolling in.  Clear off the patio.
Wipe down the kitchen.
8:00 PM Isabel bathe and put to bed.
Let the kids have ice cream if they were good.
Bath time.
Aiden dressed himself for bed.  (Yes he still has his shorts on from the day.)
9:00 PM Remind the kids to brush their teeth.  
Clean up...yet again.
Pack Adrian's lunch for tomorrow.
9:30 PM Sew
11:00 PM Close down all the lights and head to bed.
Snuggle with the love of my life and fall asleep.