Don’t forget to breathe

Lately, it's been hard to find time to slow down even for a breath.  This year has already been jam packed with well...big life changes.  Isabel was born in January.  We left California and all of my in-laws in April.  Bought our first home in May.  I started attending college again in June.  In the midst of all of that, I did however find time for one thing.  I learned how to ask for help.

This is not an easy task for many people.  Believers like me feel that asking for help means you are admitting that you are unable to do something.  You cannot handle something.  That is a tough pill to swallow, but this is not a sign of weakness.  On the contrary, it is a sign of personal strength.  It is knowing your limits.  It is allowing you to trust that your tasks can be completed by someone else.  I know what you're going to say next.  That last statement requires a whole different aspect of learning.

Finding a chosen few to trust.  I already have a very small amount people in my life to share the big things.  It is not small because of my lack of social skills to build up my friend count by any means.  I truly believe I have found the friends who will not just be there for me but will make me a better person just by loving me.  It is not easy.  Not easy at all to find the trustworthy ones but the best friends.  The lifetime friends.  They are worth it.  Those are the friends that seem to just sense something is going on and call/text/email on a whim.  Amazingly enough, it is always perfect timing.  And what is even greater?  There is no awkwardness.  It just picks up on the last sentence of the last contact.  I'm lucky.  I have found that in a handful of remarkable friends who I've known from a couple years all the way back about 16 years.

So when you find it hard to stop long enough for a breath, ask for a hand.  Tell yourself over and over that it can only better you.  If you are not sure who you can trust, learn that in order to find a chosen few you're going to have to put yourself in the line of fire.  Even a negative experience is an experience that can teach you and clarify what is in front of you.  Trust me.  When you have the help and you have the hand, the breath is intoxicating.