200th Blog!

200...200 blogs posted through the last 2 years.

That says that I found time for

200 "post" clicks,

200 uploads and/or typing rambles

and 200 times of sharing a piece of me.

200 posts ago, my life consisted of 2 kids and a husband, who was on I & I duty in Greensboro.  "Normal" military living was not yet a concept I understood.  There was no understanding of a commissary, a MCX, PCS, MOS, LINKS and the biggest two DEERS and Tricare.  My world was still civilian in all matters except my husband and a ball I could choose to attend once a year.  I had really just begun making military friends who have been the biggest help to my adjustment.  It's always great to have people who have traveled the path you're heading down there to give you that little bit of reassurance that it's ok to not get it.

200 posts ago, I was promoting my business that was even still new to me.  I had amazing support from a local mommies network (www.triadmommies.com) and was bombarded with orders galore.  Etsy was still new.  Facebook business page was most definitely new.  My photography was really really new and bad.  Really really bad.  It isn't great but it has come a very long way.  My pride in my work has too.  I have had the chances to get all of the kinks worked out through tears and blood.

200 posts ago, blogging did not include me.  Blogging was purely an advertising tool for me.  I had been too banged up to realize how therapeutic it could be to share myself.  Not so much worrying about what others would think but putting myself out there for people to get to know.  I love reading about the business people behind the businesses.  I have made 3 friends in the process who I have never met but I love being able to share my life with their's even if it's only through social networking.

200 posts ago, I was Nicole Michelle's Creations.  Now I am simply Nicole Michelle, the girl who loves to share what she does & thinks as well as the person who is under the seams of her creations that her fans so lovingly support and purchase.

So for the last 200 posts and the next 200, thank you!

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

And thank you for continuing it with me!

PS I want to join in on your journey, so feel free to leave your blog link!