Serendipity…you keep following me!


1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.
2. good fortune; luck.

It's funny.  I always thought of connecting the pieces to make something fate.  Never did I realize it was really just not the right time.  But you think about it for yourselves and tell me what you think.

I was sitting in my room in my mom's basement on day and the movie Serendipity came on.  You can't help but fall in love with it.  Well maybe it was easier because I was a 21 year old living in my mother's basement and having trouble meeting Mr. Right.  Hey...and don't even say it!  21 and trying to meet Mr. Right could happen especially to the girl who was always turned down because I was the "wife material" that they weren't ready for yet.  Why not just tell me that you aren't interested?  I can take that kind of rejection better than being a 21 year old who's "wife material" and can't have a stable relationship.  Wow.  Tangent and a half!  So I ooo'd and aah'd at this movie for a long while.  It was the why can't someone find my freckles that look like a constellation thing I think.

Fast forward.  I met this guy.  At a club.  Two days after I say goodbye to my on again off again relationship.  We danced and let me tell you.  I thought he was the cat's pajamas.  We go along our merry way dating and all that entails.  Buy a house.  Get engaged.  Plan a wedding.  Then in a desperate play to find a bed set I see it.  It's perfect.  It matches my colors, my wall paint, my EVERYTHING!  Then I see the name.  Serendipity.  Full/Queen size?  SOLD OUT.  Several million other sites.  NON-EXISTENT or SOLD OUT!  Bridal Shower.  It's mine!  My aunt & uncle bought it for us.  Get married.  Put it on the bed and one of the fur babies rip it.  Total sad panda.

Marriage turns out to be a sham.  I hid the secret of cheating and it blew up.  In my numbing phase, I try to find a way to divert my attention while I'm living at my dad's house and separated.  My brother introduces me to World Of Warcraft.  I didn't at first.  Within a few weeks, I was playing ALL the time.  I couldn't stop.  The only stop I made was for work, food, bathroom and sleep.  That's all my life contained.  I made a character got bored so I made another but I couldn't figure out what to name her.  I looked around the room for anything that would inspire my awesome Draenai name.  There it was.  The movie cover to the Serendipity VHS.  Genius!  I start playing immediately and run into this other Draenai, Zadoc.  We make in-game friends, chat, quest and all that.  After a bit of time, we start to chat more.  More and more getting to know you.  Then vent.  Then myspace.  Then cell.

Fast forward AGAIN.  Here I am divorced officially.  I have a cute little baby by a man who I just happened to meet in Azuremyst.  I'm at a crossroad.  Do I stay and be the independent, single mom that I always planned to be?  Or do I take a chance on a guy I met in a MMORPG?  Decisions.  Decisions.  When I try to escape from the major life changing decision process, I put on the tv.  And what do you think was on?  Oh yah.  That's right.  And who do you think called like he had a telepathic link to my mind?  Oh yah.  It was him.  It was always supposed to be him.  And now, he's been my him for 3 married years this month.

Now if that wasn't enough for you, I'll let you in on one last run in.  The very first idea I had for Nicole Michelle's Creations was finding just the right fabric that spoke to me.  I went to Hobby Lobby and scanned the rack.  It was the first one that caught my eye, Serendipity.