I’m on fire!

Nothing like a little bit of awesomeness after a long day!  Here I was after 3 kids having 3 doctor's appointments making for a 3 hour office visit.  Exhausted is the easy way to put it.  I sat down for a little quiet me time typing away and there it was.  On Izzy's 7 Months update, "I’ve nominated you for the Blog on Fire Award!" by Beauty Still Remains.

Once nominated for this award, you are supposed to list 8 things about yourself as well as nominate other blogs on fire to keep the chain going. So, here it goes…

8 things about me:

  1. I am very clumsy, hazardous, a mess...really whatever you want to call it.  I cannot seem to have a white shirt that doesn't get a coffee drip.  I trip on my own pants.  It's embarrassing, but I laugh at myself too so no biggie!
  2. Pizza is my biggest weakness!  I will attempt eating an entire pie by myself even if I'm full already.
  3. I met my husband playing World of Warcraft while he was in California and I was in New Jersey.
  4. I separate all of the M&Ms into colors and eat them one by one until I have a small enough amount to make a pyramid with color rows.  Then I have to slowly down one of the sides at a time making it a smaller triangle.
  5. In my closet, 50% of all my clothes are black.  I try to wear colorful things, but always go back to something black.
  6. Coffee is not an addiction.  It's life style.  I'm not pleasant when I don't have it.  And I enjoy it in many forms including cakes and ice cream.
  7. I change my mind when proof is given, but without it my stubbornness shines through.
  8. I have big dreams for eventually traveling around the world one day!

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