I believe I’m beautifully flawed.

I believe I'm beautifully flawed.

I believe in lattes at midnight.

I believe ripped or ragged cuffs on jeans means they're finally broken in.

I believe some people start fights because they're bored.

I believe Old Navy flip flops trump all other flip flops.

I believe in note taking on graph pads.

I believe in kissing boo boos.

I believe there's a limit to using "you only live once" excuses.

I believe people are kind or at least some shred of them is.

I believe overly organized is the same as dirty chaos.

I believe every club should have a diner next door.

I believe we can love more than one but never one with all.

I believe blonde and brunette should be rotated with seasons.

I believe in stopping at multiple fast food places to make the perfect meal.

I believe every state should have a Wawa.

I believe some people need drama in their life to feel relevant in a conversation.

I believe in having a favorite writing pen which I am possessive of.

I believe we're all weird in some ways just some afraid to own it.

I believe mean girls are the most insecure.

I believe the toilet paper should always be over the top on the roll.

I believe breakfast food is good for any meal.

I believe that not all of the best tasting wine cost a lot of money.

I believe you have to weed through a lot of people to find your true friends.

I believe black is always the new black.

I believe plain pies are good for breakfast, lunch or dinner. (That's pizza for those who don't know.)

I believe drinking lots of water stinks.

I believe sales don't save you money but not spending in the first place does.

I believe sleeping on a rainy day is required.

I believe in lumping on the couch when you're sick.

I believe if someone talks to you about everyone else, then they talk about you to others.

What do you believe in?