BloomCreations Blossom Glamour Product Review

BloomCreations’s Blossom Glamour


“One handmade flower made of wine ribbon embellished with white pearls in the center and two green hand singed leaves at one side, accented with white feathers and 3 white ret tail cord loops around, backed in felt. All this comes together to make a beautiful accessory.”


I stumbled upon BloomCreations while doing a random search through Etsy for the perfect Christmas hair accessory for Lilli’s first Christmas.  The attention to detail in the picture was the very first thing that caught my eye!  And trust me, it’s even more amazing in person.  Well worth the money paid!  Now a year and a half later, I am planning on using it for Isabel’s Christmas outfit. It is still in one piece and very beautiful.  Anyone who knows Lilli knows that is a tremendous quality for something she has in her hands’ reach!

I have also purchased snap clips, print bows and a sculpted butterfly bow.  Every last bow is amazing!  And her packaging…well order and you’ll see for yourself!!!

Please note that I have not been paid or received free goods for this product review. I have not been asked to write this either. This has been done on my own with a product I chose to purchase from my pledge to buy homemade.