Made for my Marine

There are a lot of opinions out there regarding military spouses. There are a lot of personalities out there too. I have recently read a few blogs that really got me thinking. Mostly, it was about how I view being in the military life. Many of the wives I meet have been in it for as long as they can remember. I'm different though. I'm chock full of civilian experience and still new to the military life.  Even though this is really new to me, I feel as though I was built to be able to live this life of supporting my Marine.

Before I met Adrian, I had ten different moves under my belt. I actually enjoy moving. New places to explore. Many of my moves were as a very young child and luckily from kindergarten to senior year I was in the same school district. I never realized how special of an experience that really was. Instead I was busy being in awe of the new kids. The kids that had been out there...anywhere but NJ. You know the state that wasn't that big in the news before Sopranos, Jersey Shore & Housewives of NJ? Back then we were all dying to get out of Jersey. We thought we were the first floor to a building with a great party going on above us. I've always been curious about new places because of that. I yearn to explore and to learn.

Lessons to learn..there had been a handful of men in and out of my life but only three had lessons for me to learn. First off, my very first boyfriend was an amazing guy. We had gone our separate ways, but attempted to later reconnect. And just when we did...he was in a devastating car accident. I still don't really want to talk about that so we'll just say that he taught me that sometimes you need to simply live in the moment! Take nothing for granted. The second was my high school sweetheart. He taught me how to be a good companion even if it had to be from a distance. Finally, there was my first husband. Let's just say that the lessons learned there were not pretty. This is another story I'm just not ready to share with the world. Close friends know and that's good enough for my healing process. What I learned here was more of seeing the signs of when to leave and how to be thankful once I did find a good one. And that I did. I found him.

The biggest one?  Growing up in a "broken" home in the 80s was not easy at least where I lived.  I think I was one of a very small percentage.  Growing up being a life long chubby person has been a struggle too.  Now, growing up in a broken home where neither side was accepting, motivational and supportive of weight loss.  Well that's the biggest.  You learn to be more accepting.  You learn to be more supportive.  You learn to be motivational.

Now let me say this...  Yes, I really don't mind the moving.  Yes, I enjoy my independence while staying loyal from afar.  Yes, I'm spontaneous and know how to enjoy the moment because you may only have that one.  Yes, I know how to be thankful for a good man.  Yes, I am accepting, supportive and motivational.  That's why I feel I was made to love this Marine.  A perfect fit to support him along his journey.  I married a man married to the Marine Corps.  I've always known that the Marine Corps always comes first and it has to. But I also know when he has the choice of something versus an order that I am his sole confidant.  And that is how I know he was made for me.