A date night: BIG small Gestures

I think as a military family of five.  Adrian and I sometimes forget the value of a date night.  We get so wrapped up in our day to day.  Stack up a list of things that we need to do on the weekend.  It's always doing or going.  I think there's also a sense of guilt we feel for wanting to be alone for a few hours, but it's healthy!

About two weeks ago I went ahead and booked childcare at the CDC for a Saturday night.  I emailed my husband with his list of "to do"s with the fact of our Saturday plans on the bottom.  Just the thought of it brought a smile to both of our faces.  We could actually go for 3 hours and do something just us.  Due to our story with the moving and the pregnancies, we've barely ever had "just us" moments.  I chalk it up as part of our life and that's fine.  It makes them beyond special when they do happen.

While Adrian was at work I tried to figure out what exactly we'd do.  It's funny.  For weeks you say that you'd love to do this or that and then the time comes...zero ideas.  I started looking at restaurants, the beach, places, things, etc.  Finally, I just posted on Facebook.  I needed direction.  I mean what to people do?  That's when Adrian chimed in while on his way home from work, "I'll make it easy...what do YOU want to do".  He always does that.  Always puts me first, so I went to fandango.com and booked us to see Resident Evil.  I know.  I know.  Not the romantic movie you thought but he's always putting me first.  This was just a big small gesture.

The day came and I stood in front of the mirror getting ready wondering when was the last time I put on makeup and tried to do my hair just for us heading out.  The answer is better left unsaid!  I finished up, packed the kids and we headed off.

The weirdest part for us?  We got to hold each others hands again.  You don't realize that when your babies are all over the places, that's something that's missing.  He held the door but it wasn't for me to get through with a stroller.  A trip for snacks wasn't over $20.  Settling in to the movie theater seats were actually relaxing except for the young Marines sitting next to us cracking jokes on the predictability of events.  I'm pretty sure I even gave them some good material when I half jumped out of my seat during a suspenseful moment in the movie!

When all was said and done, we left the building and realized that we still had time.  Again stumped at what to do.  Way back when I was never stumped.  When I went out, there was always a course of action.  Then again it only included a few choices...club, movie, bar, pool hall or diner.  Anyway!  We ended up over at Sweet.  He decided that one.  I had been talking about wanting to stop there since we arrived in Jacksonville, but there' never any time.  He just knows me.

Seriously, it was like this place was made for us!  He's the ice cream and I'm the coffee.  PERFECT!

On our way home that night, I couldn't help but think to myself how good 3 hours could really make you feel.  A lot of parents out there don't even get the chance for this.  This was a moment in my marriage that I was reminded of who I married and not what we've become.  We looked at each other and smiled.  At that moment we were that Jersey girl and her Marine again.