Izzy’s 8 months

Isabel is 8 months old! (Yes, I'm a little behind!)

Big Changes:  As you can see in the picture, we now have 2 little teeth!

Foods:  We have cleared almost all of the foods now.  With the welcoming of those teeth, we've added lots of pick-up foods.  Her bubby and sissy are very helpful with that too since they leave things lying around for her.

Talky Talky:  When she gets going, no stopping!  Daddy did finally hear a "da da".

Loves!:  She loves the Veggie Tales Silly Songs.  When she's having a crying moment and hears the songs, she stops and listens to the whole DVD.  Definitely going to be more music oriented!

Movement:  We are full blown crawl here!  There's no more escaping Izzy.  She moves her way all around this house so we have to be extra conscious of where we're stepping.  Also, we went out and bought her a walker.  She's still working on the leg length in its shortest height.

Sleepy Baby:  From 8 pm to 7 am.  I cannot complain really!  Well, I wish it was a little more but hey that's more than enough!  Now if only I could get the big ones, back on that schedule.  Hey!  A mommy could dream!