How bad do you want it?

If you want something...really want it, you have to work for it!  Then once you have it, you have to work to keep it!

Personally, I have always known the basics to weight loss.  It's pretty obvious when you choose to look.  Eat right and exercise.  My husband and I begun to lose weight because we changed what we are eating.  We became more active.  We got educated.  Yes, I did join Body By Vi as a distributor...why?  Because I like the shakes.  Taste & variety is a big deal to me.  And they are proving to be a great tool for us.  I've been researching different things lately and I keep stumbling on the same rants.  People saying this or that doesn't work.  Well guess what whether it be Advocare, Shakelogy, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Body By Vi, are only going to get out what you put in.

What do I do and have done...

  • I go through everyday with this story.  I live with it.  I stare at it.  I want to break the cycle.
  • I worked on my food mentality.  I accepted the fact that I am an emotional eater.  Then I went out and found Too Much On Her Plate.  She has free audios to help you deal with it.  PS DON'T REWARD YOURSELF WITH FOOD!  You're not a dog!
  • Found MyFitnessPal and religiously track my foods.  It has a scanner so less work.
  • Started using Blogilates youtube videos while Izzy napped.
  • No more soda!  No more iced tea!  Did you know that you burn more calories from drinking ice water?  I didn't!
  • Tried the Zumba Fitness for the XBox Kinect.
  • I’m practicing & being more conscious of my posture.
  • Bought my own shaker cup, better ear buds and better padded socks.  Got out of the house and walked my butt off!  Found MapMyRun to gauge how much I was doing.
  • Printed out all my skinny me pictures.  They are now mocking me every time I go near the refrigerator.  Yes, for me guilt is necessary!
  • Filled out a workout calendar mainly using the Blogilates subscription’s monthly one, adding in the HERFitness events and my own neighborhood walking.
  • Made a list of healthy & eat clean recipes to revamp the daily cooking for my family.  Fell in love with these recipe websites; The Fit CookHe and She Eat Clean and Skinny Taste Here's what we've tried! and
  • While walking, I've been using the Gold’s Gym Waist Trimmer.  I haven’t been measuring the difference but I will say that my skin feels tighter and the stretch marks are starting to not be as apparent!
  • Nutrition & weight loss supplement found!  Body By Vi shakes!  The hubby and I started the 90 Day Challenge!  This was a way to manage 2 meals out of the day being a low calorie, low fat, good protein, low sugar and low carbohydrates.  It's quick and we needed a different quick than a buttered bagel (me) or McD's 2 breakfast burritos (Adrian).

What I'm trying to say much do you want it?  It's not going to be one piece of the puzzle that gets you there.  You have to want it.

I want it enough to walk 43.57 miles in 23 days.