Seeing the good.

I know that I have already put this out there a bunch but I think that these are words that really cannot be stated enough.  Inspiration and motivation are key.  We need them in our lives.  And when we have them, it is contagious.  They eliminate the need for jealousy and envy.

Lately, I have been lucky to have found such a supportive group of people to help me in my all round wellness.  I've been on a journey to try to find a way to conquer my anxiety, my health and my goals.  If you would have talked to me three months ago, I did not have the same thoughts.  I was really down on myself and feeling hopeless.  It was not because this support system was not there but it was because I did not notice them there.  I was so caught up in my pity party that I did not notice all the greatness I am surrounded by.

Please take a minute.

Look around and send some appreciation out.  Everyone has someone unless they intentionally have pushed them away.  Make sure that your support system knows that you are thankful for them.  Now try to return the favor with becoming something even more amazing.  It is the greatest gratitude you can give.  The greater you become, the more you will want to share with the next person.