Old & Busted

Over the last two months, I keep wondering when my cell phone will finally give out on me.  I've been using my husband's old iPhone 3 since the Samsung I had gotten when I was due for an upgrade lasted only 4 months.  There was no replacing or fixing.  I cannot even fully remember the story to it, but I got his.  It wasn't as bad at first but then the kids & life wear and tear took it down.  Recently, it has gotten much worse.  You have to hold down the top right corner to be able to press the bottom button that controls everything.  Pictures take a good 10 minutes from turning on the phone to actually posting on Instagram.  I do not even bother to try and surf the net anymore.  Facebook or twitter is also a long process.

So now I sit here and try to figure out how I had gotten this way.  How did I become so reliant on technology?  Could it have been part of my way of connecting as a military spouse?  Could it have been just the change of times?  I really cannot pinpoint it but it just stinks.

Darn thing!

And now I am anxiously waiting for the upgrade date to finally have one that fully works again.  So the cycle continues...