Charmed Life 101’s Triple Stand Pearl and Crystal Bracelet with Sterling Silver Review

Charmed Life 101's Triple Stand Pearl and Crystal Bracelet with Sterling Silver Review


“This stunning bracelet is extremly elegant and is the perfect piece of jewelry for any formal event. It looks fabulous on brides and bridesmaids, it's perfect for proms and balls. This bracelet matches with practically any color or color combination you can think of!  It is made of white faux pearls with crystal spacer beads. The entire clasp is made from sterling silver. There is a pearl dangle at the end of the extender chain.”


I have a love for the classic style when it comes to accessories.  Pearls are my absolute favorite!  I was searching around endlessly to find a set that I could use for both a wedding I was a bridesmaid in and to match my dress for USMC Ball.  That's where the pearls came in perfect.  My bridesmaids dress was a true blue satin and my ball dress was a black chiffon.  Anyway!  I had been doing random Google searches, Etsy searches and scrolling through Facebook pages.  That's when I saw it!

Megan, a dear friend, had made this bracelet for a USMC ball accessory for herself.  I begged her to recreate it for me.  She also made a custom necklace to match.  The price and the quality was fantastic!!!  I was complimented over and over!  And just like any other woman...that compliment goes a long way.  It makes every penny spent worth so much more.  Now when you go in my jewelry box, you see tons and tons of her beauties!  I highly recommend indulging yourself at her Artfire shop!

Please note that I have not been paid or received free goods for this product review. I have not been asked to write this either. This has been done on my own with a product I chose to purchase from my pledge to buy homemade.