Size does matter.

Why is that each store has a different definition of a woman's size?  I got to thinking as I was going through my closet in a bigger size clothing purge.  For the last few years, I have only been buying certain brands because they are the fits and sizes that work for me.

Now get ready for this?

Old Navy 16s sometimes fit like a size 18 or even a 20.  Even at 220 lbs, I still fit some of their 16s/L but a 16 from other places was a "I must be dreaming" if I thought they would fit.  So post-pregnancy with Isabel, I was in Old Navy 16s and medium tops.  When I started to lose the weight I could go down to the Mossimo's or Vera Wang's 16s.  Just recently, I went down to my Old Navy 14s and then continued down to the other brands' 14s.

If you've kept up with all this, here's the real gripe.  Now that I am down to 14s (I think) I want to be able to go and buy myself something new to feel good.  What do I do?  Stick with what I know or stray away from those brands and either jump for joy or end up in a ball crying in the dressing room?

I don't care what some brands are trying to do.  If it is to make a woman feel better by the illusion of a smaller size, shame on them!  I don't want to walk around thinking I am a medium/size 12, if I'm not.  I want the honesty.  I want to walk in anywhere and it be the same.  No guessing.  No traumatic experience.  No lying.  Just the same.  Do these companies have any clue what kind of emotional roller coaster they are putting us through?

They should be ashamed.  And people wonder why the obesity level is so high.  Half of us don't even think we're in a problem zone because of the number being sewn into our garments.