Izzy’s 9 months!

Isabel is 9 months!

Big Changes:  She's everywhere!  And a mommy's girl for sure!

Foods:  Thanks to Bubby and Sissy we have tried all kinds of things that we shouldn't have.  Luckily, no allergic reactions!!!  Loves goldfish and yogurt melts!!

Talky Talky:  Izzy is still all about "ma ma" and I am loving it!!!

Loves!:  Her bunny bunny.  Every night she sleeps snuggling her bunny bunny which is about the same length as she is.

Movement:  We have full out crawling!  Now I have noticed that she's trying to stand much more.  We even had to drop the crib this week to try and not have her flip herself out of it!

Sleepy Baby:  She is still thankfully a 8 pm to 6 am girl with 2 long naps a day!!!