My genes are catching up to me

I thought that I just might be able to escape the fear of a few family problems.  Does not seem to be the future for me though.  As part of my trying to get healthy, I went and had a full physical & fasting blood draw.  For those who know me well, that means a lot.  I hate needles.  I hate blood drawing.  I was the kid that kicked, screamed and barricaded themselves in a room to avoid needles.  The results came in this week.  One point above the normal for glucose.  Iron supply is really low.  And sub-clinical hypothyroidism.  I got really bummed.  Not because I feel like the sky is falling but because it came up just how I expected.

So where to go now?  Well it's time to do more research and adjust more things in my life.  I cannot let this feel as though no matter what I do there's always something else.

First thing...I called my mom.  She's a nurse and well my mom.

Second, I started googling.  I searched WebMD for the sub-clinical hypothyroidism.  That's when a few things began to make sense.

"No symptoms or mild symptoms of hypothyroidism (such as fatigue, cold intolerance, consistent weight gain,depression, or memory problems)."

Since my pregnancies, I've always felt a little worn.  My thoughts were always because that's what having kids does to you.  They are little balls of energy and you have to push it to keep up with them.  I've also been stuck at a 190-200 lb weight for years.  It didn't matter what I was doing to try to lose it.  I was always battling.  Finally, my husband had noticed that when we would test the thermometers on us I was always a bit lower.

Now, the what to do?  I have always been a person who likes to know the problem, find natural solutions and fix it myself.  I continued my googling to try and find ways to help.  I'm very careful doing that though.  They have so much on the internet now that aren't really credible!  I put most of my trust into Dr. Oz and Livestrong.

We did our grocery shopping last night with adapting to some of the suggestions made to try and help.  Hopefully, this will help and my next screening in 3 months will show that I'm not getting worse.

Any other suggestions?  I'm up for any other research resources!