The English Rose’s Custom Sunshine and Gypsy Rose Pens Review

The English Rose's Custom Sunshine and Gypsy Rose Pens Review


"Custom Sunshine and Gypsy Rose Pens"


In my newest journey of returning to school, I was searching for something fun to write with.  I find that it's a mini obsession of mine.  A good, cute writing utensil sometimes helps the thoughts just flow onto the paper for me.  Every time I stopped at Walgreens or Rite Aid nothing really perked my interest.  Then I made a trip to drop of the kids at daycare and saw the cutest flower pens, but big problem...the flowers were made with tissue paper.  Izzy would rip them to shreds, so I kept searching.  Then as I was doing some cleaning in Shop Military Spouse Made albums I found The English Rose!  I had remembered almost instantly how cute all of her pens came out.  I immediately ordered and yesterday when I was at the daycare, the girls with the flower pens commented on mine!

I love love love my two flower pens!  I highly recommend!!!

Please note that I have not been paid or received free goods for this product review. I have not been asked to write this either. This has been done on my own with a product I chose to purchase from my pledge to buy homemade.