Weight Loss: The Rewards.

The people just keep coming!  I just cannot believe how many people have told me I inspired them to get moving.  It quite literally brings tears of joy.  In a life where you're alone a lot even knowing that people miles and miles away are going at this with you is so comforting.  I seriously wish I had a my phone upgrade already because I'd definitely skype or google hangout walk with people!  Just because we aren't literally next to each other we could still do this together!!!!

If you have noticed, I made my own quotey image thingy!  As I am outside and pushing it, these quotes keep coming to mind so I figure it is about time to share them!

Oh AND I have been doing lots and lots of food research this week.  I'm trying to find foods that we can add in to our day to day to help my thyroid kick back into gear.  The thought of heading to meds is not my idea of happy & healthy so I will do whatever it takes!!!

Weight: 194.1 lbs today

Total loss:  14.5 lbs

90 Day Challenge loss: 5.9 lbs

BMI: 32.3

Highest weigh-in to date:  243.5 lbs on 3/11/2008 (The day I went in to labor with Aiden.  Not sure if I had been higher.  I do remember wearing 18 mostly & being sized at a 22 for a bridesmaids dress.)

Weight goal:  134 lbs (Last seen in High School when I was running and watching what I ate)


  • 3 Weeks of the Challenge and awesomeness is all I can really say!!!  I have been getting back into my clothes from right after my pregnancy with Aiden.  They fit so much better!  I had one nightgown that I bought before the move to Greensboro in 2008.  Back then the buttons down the front were always pulling...not anymore!!!  It's even roomy!!!
  • 16.87 miles walked this week!
  • Bought Gold's Gym Thigh Slimmers BUT I walked out of them literally!  SOOO I put them on my arms 🙂
  • Been utilizing nap time for Blogilates #OMGOctober calendar!
  • My genes are catching up to me http://nicolemichellesblog.wordpress.com/2012/10/16/my-genes-are-catching-up-to-me/
  • Started taking flintstone vitamins.  I have always seemed to get a little queasy with vitamins so the doctor recommended this until I can find something.

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Recipes tried this week!