Get out & vote!

Over the last decade of my life, I chose to not vote.  It was not because I was lazy.  It wasn't because I didn't care.  It was purely because I didn't get it.  I barely had a grasp on what the sides stood for and well...still trying to figure out what I stood for.  Over the course of those years, I tried to take some online quizzes.  I tried to listen and fully understand the news.  I tried to watch debates.  I tried.  No matter what I just came up empty.

After I met my husband, I had a source to ask.  He helped me begin to understand the basis of a lot of the major topics and what the fighting was over.  He helped me find the answer that he couldn't provide.  Until him I was just a democrat because my parents were republicans.  Not a clue why.  Just because.  Well I was tired of not having a reason.

The last 5 years I have followed politics as much as my brain and stomach can bear.  I found what my main fights are and the main reasoning for my choices.  I am now educated on what I believe in.

I am now ready.  Ready to make a choice.  A decision.

I am 31 years old and voting for the first time.

I am finally using my voice.