I’m thankful for… Part One

1.  The most loving husband in the world.  He's my best friend.  Everything he does in his day is for the children and me.  I really hit the jackpot the day I met him.

2.  My little man, Aiden.  He is a visible replica of me yet a mini-me of his Daddy.  He came into this world and completely changed my everything.  Every day he surprises me with how loving and caring he is towards his little sisters.

3.  Lilli.  She is the most cuddly and loving little girl.  She is her Daddy by looks and her mommy in attitude.

4.  Izzy the Active.  The easiest pregnancy and the easiest labor...she amazes me every day with how fast she's learning.  Oh and we have finally brought back the cuddle!!!!

5.  A mother who has been incredibly supportive of me no matter whether I am up or down!  She's let me go out into the world, try and still come back when I fall so that she can help me get back up again.  I wouldn't be me without her.